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Ventcroft XP Fire Performance Cables



Red, White and Black Standard Fire Cable


NoBurn XP

NoBurn XPS


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NoBurn XP & NoBurn XPS have been added to our market leading NoBurn fire cables range to expand our offer of cables designed to comply with the varied performance requirements in the Middle East, Africa, Asia & European markets.

Manufactured in the UK using the latest technology, materials and manufacturing equipment. Our cables are certified and materials and production processes audited annually by LPCB to provide assurance of our cable's consistent reliability and quality, with each reel fully traceable by batch number and time and date of manufacture.

NoBurn Cable is the fastest fire cable to prepare for termination with no troublesome multiple sheaths, foils or wraps to strip. NoBurn cable has superb working flexibility and stays where you put it, reducing installation time and costs.

Approved by LPCB XP & XPS ranges provide different levels of fire performance, both ranges are manufactured and certified to the full requirements of Low Smoke & Zero Halogen requirements.  All NoBurn cable cores are twisted to provide the highest level of data protection, ideal for long cable runs and analogue addressable fire systems.



Fastest Standard Fire Cable to Prepare for Termination
Available with Red & Black coloured Insulated Conductors
Easy to Install and Superb Working Flexibility
Up to 12 Twists per metre for Data Protection
Red, White, Black & Orange Outer Sheaths Available
0.5mm², 0.75mm², 1.5mm², 2.5mm² & 4.0mm² Conductors - All with 0.8mm Drain Wire
100m, 200m, 500m and Special Lengths Available
Aluminium / Co-polymer Foil Screen
Low Smoke & Zero Halogen
Voltage Rating 300v/500v
Suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous area use
 Approved and Certified to meet
BS EN 50200:2006 + Annex E 30 Minutes Fire Resistance - XP Range Only
BS EN 50200:2006 PH30, PH60 & PH120 Fire Resistance - XP Range Only
BS EN 50200:2006 PH30 Fire Resistance - XP & XPS Range
BS 6387:1994 Clause 11 CWZ Fire Resistance - XP & XPS Range
BS EN 50267-2-1:1999 Zero Halogen - XP & XPS Range
BS EN 61034-2:2005 Low Smoke - XP & XPS Range
 Suitable for
Emergency Lighting Standard BS 5266-1:2011
Voice Alarm Systems Standard BS 5839-8:2013
Voice Communication Standard BS 5839-9:2013
   (Risk Assessment May Demand Mechanical Protection)


 Accreditations and third Party Certification



LPCB Quality Management
ISO9001:2008 Certification

LPCB Product Certificate 682c

LPCB Product Certificate 682e


 Manufacturers Recommended Installation Guide Lines

Recommended metal clip spacing 300mm Horizontal, 400mm Vertical

Recommended Cable Tray Fastening - Metal Tie, spacing every 1.5 metres.

Installation Temperatures:
Minimum installation Temperature
Maximum installation Temperature 70

Operating Temperature Temperature:
Minimum -40
ºc to Maximum +90ºc

The cable should not be flexed or bent when either the cable or operating temperature is below the recommended installation temperatures.

Minimum Bend Radius = 6 x Diameter
Plastic Clips or ties must not be used as the sole means of support for fire cable.



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NoBurn XP & XPS Best Seller Fire Performance Cable


Red 1.0mm Cores & CPC (earth) Reel Cores Code Pallet Min Qty Trade Per 100m


1.0mm 100m 2 Cores & Drain


60 1 TBA
1.0mm 500m 2 Cores & Drain


60 1 TBA
Above Noburn XP codes Below NoBurn XPS codes
1.0mm 100m 2 Cores & Drain


60 1 TBA
1.0mm 500m 2 Cores & Drain


10 1 TBA


Red 1.5mm Cores & CPC (earth) Reel Cores


Pallet Min Qty Trade Per 100m
1.5mm 100m 2 Cores & Drain


60 1 TBA
1.5mm 500m 2 Cores & Drain


60 1 TBA
Above Noburn XP codes

Below NoBurn XPS codes

1.5mm 100m 2 Cores & Drain


60 1 TBA
1.5mm 500m 2 Cores & Drain


20 1 TBA

XP & XPS Available in 2, 3 & 4 core combinations with 0.5mm to 4.0mm conductors
White Sheath Fire Cable is available as an alternative to Red Sheath on all sizes and types


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NoBurn Platinum Standard Fire Performance Cable

    Black       Black Reel Cores Code Pallet Min Qty Trade Per 100m

1.5mm 100m 2 Cores & CPC VXP-215DBKH 60 1 TBA
Above NoBurn XP codes Below Noburn XPS codes
1.5mm 100m 4 Cores & CPC VXS-215DBKH 60 1 TBA

*Cable prices will vary due to changes to copper costs*

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Fire Performance Cable Part Code Break Down


V?? - 2 10 E or D R H  
Product Type   Conductors CSA Drain Wire 8mm (0.5mm) Outer Sheath Colour Core Colours Length
VXP Ventcroft "NoBurn XP"

VXS Ventcroft "NoBurn XPS"




  2 - 2 Core

4 - 4 Core

10 - 1.0mm

15 - 1.5mm

25 - 2.5mm

E - CPC & Screen

D - Drain & Screen

R - Red

W - White

H- Harmonised Colours

- Old Colours


- 100M

50 - 50M

500 - 500M

750 - 750M

(M = Metre)



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