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Ventcroft's Disabled Person Toilet Alarm may be fitted in disabled toilets or in areas where it is necessary to summon a response to a distressed person. The DPA is simple to install and is easy to operate by the user, and has been designed to meet with the latest the British building regulations and guide lines for disabled persons.




VPA-220 Premier Kit

Product Order Code: VPA-220

VPA-220B Premier Kit
with Back Up Battery

Product Order Code: VPA-220B


VPA - 200 Standard Kit

Product Order Code:VPA-200


The unique  two wire field device operation makes installation fast and simple, in normal operation the field device wiring operates to monitor  the input devices such Ceiling Pull Cords, when a input device is pressed the field wiring then becomes the drive to power the over door indicators and sounders The Wiring is monitored in case continuity is lost. The Control unit has three LED's and a built in buzzer which are used to indicate the health, fault and call status of the system.  A battery back-up unit is available to connect to the VPA unit to power the system in the event of a power failure to the ECU. The system is easily be expand with further "Sounders", "Over Door Indicators", "Reset Points" or "Ceiling Pull Call Points"


 System Features

3 Status LED''s
Built in Buzzer
Front Mounted Mute/Reset Button
3 Year Warranty

 Key Features

Simple 2 Wire Operation for all field devices
Feature Rich Single Zone Control Panel
Easy to Operate Systems
Microprocessor Controlled
Intelligent Self - Diagnostic Feature
Fully Expandable
Back Up Battery Facility
Built in End of Line Monitoring

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Kits Only

VPA - 220 Premier Kit



Min Qty

Product Order Code:
VPA - 220

Control Unit with Built in Power Supply Response
Pull Cord Device
Over-door Indicator Unit including Light & Sounder
Surface Mount Remote Reset Button
All Surface Mounting Back Boxes
Disabled Persons Stickers
Installation Instructions

10 2

VPA - 220B Premier Kit 


Boxed Min Qty

Product Order Code:
VPA - 220B

Control Unit with Built in Power Supply and Sounder
Response Pull Cord Device
Over-Door Indicator Unit including Light & Sounder
Surface Mount Remote Reset Button
 Battery Back Up Unit
All Surface Mounting Back Boxes
Disabled Persons Sticker
Installation Instructions

10 2

VPA - 200 Standard Kit

       Description Boxed Min Qty

Product Order Code:
VPA - 200

Control Unit with built in Power Supply and Sounder
Control Unit Surface Mount Back Box
Response Pull Cord Device
Surface Mount Remote Reset Unit
Installation Instructions
Disabled Persons Sticker

10  2

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Plastic Ceiling Call Unit Remote Reset Unit


Buzzer (Sounder can be
Strong Cord Actuator
Simple two wire installation
Activated Indicator LED

Product Order Code: VPA-PC

Indicator LED
Simple Two Wire Installation
Quick and Easy to Install
Complete with Surface Back Box

Product Order Code: VPA- RB
Overdoor Light c/w Sounder Remote Internal Sounder


Twin High Bright LED's
Simple Two Wire Installation
Complete with Sounder (can
  be isolated)
Quick and Easy to Install

Product Order Code: VPA-ODI

Surface Mounting
Simple Two Wire Installation
32 Selectable Tones
3 Selectable Volume Levels
87-112 dBA

Product Order Code: VFS-SSW/V

Battery Back Up Unit

Disabled Person Toilet Sticker

12 hours Standard upgradable 
  to 48 hours
Charging LED indicator

Product Order Code: VPA-BB1

Available in packs of 10
Easy Peel

Product Order Code: VPA-DS10
Interface Device

Provides Output Signal of
  Individual System Activations
Multi System Monitoring using
  Standard Fire or Intruder
Allows Connection of Multiple
  Systems for Central Monitoring

Product Order Code: VPA-ID1

Revised: 17/11/2009

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