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Fire Performance Cable Standards
Ventcroft Fire Performance Cables


BS6360 Cat.S

Conductor Construction
Requirement for Aluminium and Copper Conductors in Insulated wires and cords
Conductors shall be a controlled size and strength.
BS7655-1 Cat.T
BS7655-6.1 Cat.T
Insulation Material
Specification for sheathing material for cables
Shall conform will LTS3 (London Transport Specification)
Insulation type EI2
Material should be of suitable strengths and elasticity.
BSEN60811-1-1 Cat.S Insulation and Sheathing Material of Electric Cables
Common Test Methods.
BS7655-6.1 Cat. C Sheathing
Sheathing should be of suitable construction

Environmental Emissions

BS6425-1 Cat. T
Replaced with
Insulation - Gas Acid Test
Test on gas evolved during the combustion of material from cables.
Free Of Halogens.
Tests for PH Levels and conductivity.
Electrical Performance
BS5099 Cat.R Insulation Integrity - Spark Test
Insulations to be Tested a Voltage of 5000V
Fire Performance
EN50200 PH30

Standard Grade BS5839-1:2002 Fire Performance Cable

PH30 1, Exposed to Fire @ 830  Deg C. for 15 Minutes, & Then
2, Exposed to Fire @ 830  Deg C. with water & mechanical Shock for 15 Minutes
The temperature may vary +40 / - 0 Deg. c.
(Test No 2. is not detailed within EN50200 PH30 but is covered within BS5839-1:2002, Clause 26.2-D

BS7629-1 E1
BS7629-1 E2

Specification for 300/500V Fire Resistant Electric Cables.
Having low emissions of smoke and corrosive gasses when effected by fire (Multi Core Cables)

BS4066-1-15.5, Cat. S

Fire Performance
Test on Electric Cables Under fire Conditions

BS6387:1994 CWZ

Fire Resistance, with and without water and mechanical shock
Specification for performance requirement for cables required to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions
Cat.C Exposed to Fire @ 950 Deg. C. for 3 Hours
Cat.W 1, Exposed to Fire @ 650 Deg C. for 15 Minutes, Then
2, Exposed to Fire @ 650 Deg C. with water for 15 Minutes
Cat.Z 1, Exposed to Fire @ 650 Deg C. for 15 Minutes, Then
2, Exposed to Fire @ 650 Deg C. with Mechanical Shock  for 15 Minutes.

BS7622 Cat.S
Replaced By

Smoke Emissions
Common test methods for cables under fire conditions

Measurement of smoke density of electric cables burning under defined conditions

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