Screen Printing

Vencroft offers screen printing on all it external sounders. Ventcroft provides the complete service from design, screen origination and final printing.

Ventcroft's dedicated artwork team will not only originate the artwork and screen print the chosen bell box they will also provide design assistance from the beginning and  they will personally walk through the design and printing process which each and every job.

Ventcroft can print 1, 2, 3 and even 4 colours on all of it ABS, Polycarbonate and Polypropylene Sounder Housings.

A range of standard colours are available, along with METAllic gold and silver, when printing with METAllic colour Ventcroft print a lacquer over the METAllic ink to provide greater colour fastness, and longevity.

For very specific colour Ventcroft can colour match virtually any ink for a small on cost.


Standard Book Colours

Deep Green - 626

Green - 625

Reflex Blue - 423

Azure Blue -  422

Blue - 421

Prussian Blue - 420

Ultra Blue - 419

Burgundy - 219

Deep Red - 215

Red - 213

Orange - 211

Golden Yellow - 109

Lemon Yellow -108


METAllic Colours

METAllic  Gold

METAllic Silver

Please Note: The displayed colour are for reference only and should not be used a explicit.
                    Ventcroft can provide hard copy versions for closer reference.